Matthias Hirschmanner

Role: PhD student

DC Topic: Learning from Humans

Research Interests:

  • Imitation Learning
  • Robot Vision
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Robot Language Acquisition
  • Human-Robot Interaction

Short bio
Matthias Hirschmanner is a Ph.D. student at the Vision for Robotics group at the Automation and Control Institute (ACIN) at TU Wien in Vienna, Austria. He holds a diploma (M.Sc.) in electrical engineering with a specialisation in energy engineering and automation technology from TU Wien. He is currently working on the WWTF project RALLI – Robotic Action-Language Learning through Interaction.


  • Hirschmanner M., Schürer O., Krenn B., Müller C., Neubarth F., Vincze M.: Improving the Quality of Dialogues with Robots for Learning of Object Meaning, Workshop on Language and Robotics in IROS2018, Madrid (Spain), 2018.
  • Hirschmanner M., Gross S., Krenn B., Neubarth F., Trapp M., Vincze M.: Extension of the Action Verb Corpus for Supervised Learning, Austrian Robotics Workshop 2018 (ARW2018), Innsbruck (Austria), 2018.
  • Gross S., Hirschmanner M., Krenn B., Neubarth F., Zillich M.: Action Verb Corpus, Proceedings of LREC 2018. Miyazaki (Japan), 2018.
  • Hirschmanner M.: Teleoperation of a Humanoid Robot Using Oculus Rift and Leap Motion, Master Thesis, TU Wien, Vienna (Austria), 2017.
  • Hirschmanner M., Lammer L., Vincze M.: Mattie – A Simple Educational Platform for Children to Realize Their First Robot Prototype, Conference on Interaction Design and Children 2015 (IDC2015), Medford, MA (USA), 2015.
  • Hirschmanner M., Lammer L., Vincze M.: Mattie Robot – A White-Box Approach for Introducing Children with Different Interests to Robotics, 6th International Conference on Robotics in Education (RiE2015), Yverdon-les-Bains, (Switzerland), 2015.

Contact Info
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