Dominik Bauer

Role: PhD student

DC Topic:  Scene Understanding for Knowing about Objects and their Use

Research Interests:

  • Reasoning in scene understanding and hypothesis verification
  • Application of computer graphics and simulation for visual perception

Short Bio
Dominik is a PhD candidate and research assistant with the Vision for Robotics group at TU Wien. He holds a Master’s degree in Visual Computing as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Media Informatics and Visual Computing, both from TU Wien. For his Master’s thesis “Evaluation of the Recognition Distances of Safety Signs in VR Considering Vision Impairments”, Dominik received the “Distinguished Young Alumnus” award of the Faculty of Informatics at TU Wien.


  • Koller, M., Bauer, D., de Pagter, J., Papagni, G., & Vincze, M. (in press).  A Pilot Study on Determining the Relation between Gaze Aversion and Interaction Experience. In Companion of the 2019 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction. ACM.
  • Krösl, K., Bauer, D., Schwärzler, M., Fuchs, H., Suter, G., & Wimmer, M. (2018). A VR-based user study on the effects of vision impairments on recognition distances of escape-route signs in buildings. The Visual Computer, 34(6-8), 911-923.

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