Oliver Schürer

Short Bio
Oliver is researcher, curator, editor and author as well as Senior Scientist and Deputy head at the Department for Architecture Theory and Philosophy of Technics, Vienna University of Technology. He has given numerous international lectures and published on technology and media in architecture. He has curated a variety of small and large conferences as well as series of events. Since 2008 he does experimental theory. That is developing theory by interlinking architecture, art, engineering and humanities with experimental developments. In 2014 he founded the transdisciplinary group H.A.U.S., researching “Humanoid robots in Architecture and Urban Spaces.” The group is conducting research in assistive systems as well as performance arts.

Contact Info
Office Phone: 25122
Email: schuerer@attp.tuwien.ac.at
Webpage: http://www.attp.tuwien.ac.at/oliver, https://h-a-u-s.org